19 Different Writer Faces #writers #writing


1. Standard Writer Face – a very intense look – darting eyes and the odd facial twitch due to high creativity levels

2. Happy Writer Face – smiley, breathless, big eyes, owning that  ‘I’ve just pumped out 5,000 words’ look!

3. Unhappy Writer Face – glum, sad eyes, deep sighs.

4. Writer’s Block Face – sour expression, mouth twisted, frustrated and owning that ‘I have not written anything for days and I feel terrible’ look [similar to the ‘I am constipated’ look]

5. ‘I have been busy writing a naughty romantic scene’ Writer Face –  flushed face and twinkling eyes

6. Competitive Writer Face – sour expression, mouth small and twisty. Owning that ‘how dare they write more words than me in 24 hours and then tweet about it?”

7. Editing Writer Face – weary and pained expression. Pale face suggesting one has spent some serious time locked away…

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