…and the winner is… what!!!????

Seumas Gallacher

…there are many things which yeez are aware of, which once seen, can never be unseen… in the same vein, there are things and incidents which yeez witness, which once witnessed, can never be unwitnessed… I bring yeez a story, a true recounting of one such phenomenally unforgettable passage from about 30 years ago… the location is the Far East, in Hong Kong to be precise… I lived and WURKED there at the time, and was appraised of this by a close friend, who couldn’t contain himself with it… he was a member of the Hong Kong Wine Society… now, I personally have NUTHIN against people who fancy themselves as true oenophiles (wine buffs, Mabel… wine buffs)… as a side issue, I’ve never quite understood how with a single sniff at a rotting cork yeez can divine the origin, vintage (wine-age?), maker, address of the grape-seed…

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