…tickle me, Muse, lest I grow weary of this WURLD…

Seumas Gallacher

…as some of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who follow my posts will be aware, I have my (admittedly rare) moments of introspection… so if yeez have scant regard for such-spection, move along, NUTHIN to see here, folks… oh… sumb’dy’s still here… okay, here goes… I’ve shared before now, about 32 years ago I was in the splendid Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore, on a drip, and according to my doctors, had about 6 weeksleft to live…


…the detail of why is of no significance, merely that fact42 days to keep breathing… tops… and yet, here I am, annoying the heck out of the planet One Day at a Time for all of these years since… of course, as with most people who’ve engaged in similar medical escape-artist-stunts, it changed my entire outlook on just about everything… I’ve no intent to make light of hardships, terror, disability…

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