…and so it begins…

Seumas Gallacher

…it’s amazing what’s yeez can see and hear when yeez really look and listen long enuff… it all started with a small shrill cry of a wee birthing baby boy in a bed in a single-end city tenement… the warmth and comfort of a suckling mother, relieved the nine-month carry was over…


…the husband garnered whatever casual labour could be found around the slums, but most days they did have something to eat, a luxury not afforded to every family in the neighbourhood… the lad grew into as mischievous an imp as any in the street… no nursery schools or pre-play schools were ever heard of in their district… the next most distinctive sound in the boy’s progress was his sobbing at being parted at the school gates from his Mam on the first day of infant school, at the all-growed-up age of five years… the next six eventful years added scrapes…

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