…I want my readers’ noses deep in my writing business…

Seumas Gallacher

read…yeez learn it early in life about interfering in others people’s affairs… having a meddle where yeez should be meddle-less… ‘keep yer nose out of my business’… is the more polite  version of ‘feck off out of it, it’s got nowt to do with yeez’… as usual, I’m keen to advocate the opposite of conventional behaviour… it’s part of my inbred collection of Glasgow-isms, Mabel… railing against the SOSYAL norms… like when folks say to yeez , ‘yeez can’t do THAT!’‘oh, yeah?… stand back and watch me!’… since becoming a late tapper-into the self-publishing gig, this ol’ Jurassic quickly came to understand that for me to do it seriously, being an author requires treating the entire thing as a ‘business’…. those of yeez who’ve heard me chunder on about this can switch to another webpage now if yeez wish, I won’t be offended……

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