Bad Fall – Part 89

Dellani Oakes

Bad FallAlthough Liz is in custody, not everything is as fine and dandy as Shay would like Marka to believe. A phone call from one of the agents at the hospital tells him that Frank has escaped. Ordered to stay behind, Marka decides to see what she can find out from the journals. With Rochelle’s help, she starts to read about the events prior to Clay’s death.

Finally, she relented, handing Marka the journal. She wasn’t sure how she felt, reading about Frank’s exploits with another woman. She was rather pleased to see that she’d done all of that and more with him already. Unfortunately, it wasn’t getting them any closer to finding who Liz worked for.

“Ooh, look at this!” She pointed to a scribble in the margin. “Can you read that?”

“Looks like it says Bastian,” Rochelle said after squinting at it.

“Looks like that to me, too,”…

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