Larae Parry: April Author Interview Participant #7

International Book Promotion

LaRae’s Short Bio

I was born with a loose screw. No kidding, I was. It has gotten me into trouble and out of trouble, so I can’t complain about being a little daft.

I was also born with an umbilical urge to write, or to tell stories I made up on the spot. That got me into a lot of trouble, and out of trouble, so, I can’t complain. 🙂

In 1991, I became a VERY famous artist. (wink, wink). I drew, painted, and wrote painting instructions for a publisher. I had 13 painting books published-which is weird, because I never considered myself an artist. I was a faux artist, I guess.

In 2005, a simple medical procedure went terribly wrong and landed me in the ICU on life-support because of respiratory and multiple organ failure. Even though I beat the odds and survived, the doctor told me that my…

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