Top 5 Asinine Excuses For Not Writing

Tara Sparling writes

Good Friday, gentlepersons.

I’m ending this working week with my top 5 excuses for not writing. Perversely, they include, well, work. But that’s not the point. Because I have so many writing projects I intended to have finished by now, and my success rate is only marginally better than that of an Irishman at a speed dating event for taller-than-average Dutch people.

And although not one of these excuses is allowable, I attempt to defend each of them because if I didn’t, I would actually have to write something useful.

1. The Day Job

I spend 97.985% of my working day at the moment buried in spreadsheets which contain thousands of teeny tiny moving parts. My eyes are like Cookie Monster’s by the time 5pm lopes around. I can barely focus on TV property shows at night, let alone a pile of text.

2. The Blog

My creative brain only appears to work in short bursts right now. So if…

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